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[16 Oct 2007|07:53pm]

I decided to post on Antiochians because I do not believe anyone has in a while. So I saw the movie National Treasure with Nick Cage and Angelna Jolie's Dad, heck I even liked it in a cheesy way. But a sequal, I mean come on. Really? REALLY?!?

BTW for all of those of you named Tom who live in Ohio and need to be reminded it's Soda not pop.
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Fantasy Football 2005 [16 Aug 2005|11:03am]

It's back...Fantasy Football time is here, and this year i'm starting up a LiveJournal league on Yahoo. Anyone is welcome to join so pass on the word. We'll take 12 teams and the draft will be autopick. I will set the draft to go about a week before the first games are played so people have time to do their homework for the pre-rankings. Here is the info...

League #: 441965
Password: spadeontheriver

X-Posted to my journal, puckoff, and antiochians

Fantasy Hockey soon to come...also if there is any interest in a Salary Cap Football, Pro Football Pick'Em or Survival Football group on Yahoo, leave a comment and I will start one up.
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Vegas [07 Feb 2004|08:30am]

I know we hardly use this journal anymore but I wanted to make a post here to get everyone's attention.

When I say everyone I really mean Jeff, Blake, and Paul since we 4 our the ones who were/are planning a trip to Las Vegas between March 5-7. The reason I am making this post is because of the were/are part of it. Whose actually going, can we afford it still, airline fare, who will drive, who won't drive, and detail like these need to be worked out.

So are we still planning to go? I've heard both Jeff and Paul say they've been reconsidering the whole trip. I know Paul has a candidate convention to go to in Sac that Friday. Also Jeff has said he can't afford airfare and I dunno if he wants to drive down there though.

If we were not to go would we just cancel the trip all together or reschedule it for another date. If we are to go the question of who is flying? Who is Driving? What cars we are taking? all must be answered. I say this now because whoever fly's would want to book their tickets at least 2 weeks in advance and that deadline is coming up soon.

I dunno if we all just wanna meet up sometime this week and talk about this, or if we can just leave comments here and talk over AIM about this. Regardless I would like to have our plans set in stone in one week.
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followin the trend [19 Jun 2003|01:04pm]

everyone seems to be posting about the weekend I might as well throw in my two cents too. First off it was great to meet Tom, if it wasn't for his calling Soda, Pop and his mispronunciation of Concord I would have believed he had lived in Antioch and had hung out with us for the last couple of years, everyone seems to have the same interests. 2nd off it was great to have a good lan party again we haven't had one of those in a while and probably will not have one for a while but who knows. Thank you goes to Joe for hosting the lan and best of luck with him moving to chico, may i suggest investing in a propane grill? Also a thank you needs to go out to both Jeffs, Bird for providing the tables, and also to munkey for spearheading the campaign to get tom out here, if it wasn't for his contributions in both time and $$$ this party would not have been as pleasant as it was. To sum it all up all you antiohians rock, it was cool meeting tom & I had a great time. ps justin you forgot something.
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This Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! [08 May 2003|06:35pm]

Okay everyone LANage is on at the Casa de Santiago this Sunday. We don't have a specific time of when it will start but once it starts count on it going all night if willing. I can't speak for Paul because he hasn't gotten his schedule for next week yet but I'll be getting off work at 2:45 that day so if anyone wants to come over as early as 3 I'm cool with that.

As for actual games I expect we'll have the usual SC, WC3, hopefully a little Action Quake II if it the hack version I have will be able to load up onto Windows 2k/XP. Also I think some sucide bombers and "can I have some shoes please" workers from C&C Generals should be played as well.

Hope to see you all there.
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LAN Party Update [02 May 2003|03:17pm]

Here is an update on the LAN Party. We have not set a date but we have found out that Mom is going to be away starting on Saturday May 10th till Tuesday May 13th. If there is any particular day that works better for you let either Paul or I know.
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LAN Party date update [21 Apr 2003|08:31am]

Sorry about the spam. Looks like I incorrectly posted the dates of the LAN party. Mother's Day weekend falls on the 9th-11th so it is sometime on those days that we'll have the LAN party. It is NOT the 17th-19th
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I'll go ahead and use the Antiochian Journal a second time today [20 Apr 2003|11:13pm]

Paul and I got word from our mother that Bill is planning to take her to Reno on Mother's Day weekend *correction* May 9th-11th to see Yani in concert. We are tentatively planning on holding a LAN party on one of those days. So if you can, free up those dates on your calendar for some good ol' Antiochian LANage.
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Sum 41 [06 Dec 2002|09:35am]

For all of you Sum 41 fans out there, there's a concert tonight at UC Davis, starting at 6:00pm I believe. $18 at the door.
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A funny ninja site [01 Dec 2002|11:14am]

Here is a funny ass ninja site ran by a 10-year old the funniest things have to be in the CNN.com articles in the news section.

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Public request ... [21 Nov 2002|01:58pm]

Any bored female want to go to the power exchange tonight with myself and a couple friends? or know someone who would like to go, Let me know.
Probably kinda latish if plans don't change.
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LANage Update [08 Nov 2002|10:56am]

Okay the party is a go for my place any time after 6 or any time before that if you want, just let me know. We will most likely be having a BBQ (weather permitting) and we have a GameCube for those computer lacking folk. Also bring your own LAN cables because we only have a couple extra cables. We have an 8 port router, I'm not sure if that will fill up or not, so if one person wants to bring an extra hub just in case that will be cool. I think that's about it, the games that will be played at the LAN will most likely be the usual mix of Warcraft III, StarCraft and whatever other games that I can't think of right now. Hope to see you all there, if you have any questions call and/or IM me.
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Election Day [05 Nov 2002|07:58am]

Well everyone today is election day I encourage all you registered voters out there to go out and vote. For those of you unsure of what to vote for here is a handy voter's guide, feel free to print it out and take it with you to the polls.

Bill Simon - Governor
Bruce McPherson - Lt. Governor
Dick Ackerman - Attorney General
Tom McClintock - State Controller
Keith Olberg - Secretary of State
Gary Mendoza - Insurance Commissioner
Mark S. Bendick - Member, State Board of Equalization
Greg Conlon - Treasurer
Katherine Smith - Superintendent of Public Instruction
Sonia E. Alonso Harden - United States Representative District 10
Jan Denny - State Assembly Member District 11
John T. Nejedly - Contra Costa Community College District
Jim Davis & Jim Conley - Antioch City Council

YES - Prop 46
YES - Prop 47
YES - Prop 48
YES - Prop 49
NO - Prop 50
NO - Prop 51
NO - Prop 52

If you have any questions on what to vote for, get in touch with me and I'll be more than happy to suggest why I feel you should vote a particluar way.
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this weekend [04 Nov 2002|05:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What are you guys doing this weekend? I'm going to be home and I'd like to know if any of you aren't busy and/or would like to do something since I haven't gotten the chance to hang out much with you guys lately. We could go bowling, to the movies, mini golfing, something entirely different, etc..

Let me know.

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"We are at LAN Con 4"........Greg [30 Oct 2002|11:51pm]

Attention all, there is a chance that there will be a LAN at mine and gregs house. The possible dates of the party are between 11/6-11/10 . Mom should be out of the house on one of those dates. I'm hoping for Friday 11/8 (the film class is the following Saturday 11/9) This is all in the preliminary stages. What the deal is is that Bill (moms bf) is having surgery on 11/6, mom may or may not stay in the hospital with him while he recovers (may take as much as 2-3 days) Mom says she will however spend the night at his house while he recovers for a night or two. So while she is out we can have a LAN, hell I even asked her and she said it was all right to have one. So the date of the LAN party may change on a day to day basis. I will try and keep everybody posted. Please let greg and I know what dates are convenient for you guys, we may (probably not) know that the party could be available on certain dates.
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[13 Oct 2002|09:50am]

Paul, Dan, Blake...it's very possible I may not be going to class tomorrow night depending on what is going on with Sarah...i'll keep you guys posted.
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ATTN: FATASSES [09 Oct 2002|04:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]


With the opening of In-n-Out Burger here in Antioch (hell if I will acknowledge it as Pittsburg) I offer this challenge to all the Antiochians:

At a date to be announced, we go to In-n-Out as a group.

Put in about 5 bucks into a pot. (yes, this will be for the winner...damn I wish Greg were Hindu instead of Jewish, that way I can make a comment on how nothing will make a Hindu eat cow faster than cold hard cash...wait...I say we vote on changing Greg's religion for the time until we do this competition...comment with your vote...)

Each of us order an Octagon (yes, that's right, 8 pieces of meat, and 8 pieces of cheese with bread)

And of course, find out who can finish it the fastest (if at all, and without dying...)

We could have a Round 1 sometimes this month, and a Round 2 when Tom (the true fat ass) comes to visit in the summer of 2003 (and he will, even if we have to drive/fly out to Ohio, slip him a few ruffies, and bring him back to Antioch)

So yea, comment on the idea for scheduling.

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An Interesiting Site [07 Oct 2002|08:37pm]

In light of last nights events I was just messing around and I found this site, it seems pretty cool. It seems Joe isn't the only person who gives their LAN parties strange names.

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For those in the FILM-140 Class [12 Sep 2002|11:40pm]

I don't know how many of you guys have seen all 3 films and how many are slackers like myself, but if any of you still need to watch any of the movies and haven't gotten a copy yet, don't worry Paul and I currently have all 3 on DVD. Feel free to contact me or Paul if you need to watch one of them.
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[01 Sep 2002|09:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Nefariou1s: ih
lives at random: HAHAHA YOU FUCKED IT UP

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