I am Paul (panther01) wrote in antiochians,
I am Paul

"We are at LAN Con 4"........Greg

Attention all, there is a chance that there will be a LAN at mine and gregs house. The possible dates of the party are between 11/6-11/10 . Mom should be out of the house on one of those dates. I'm hoping for Friday 11/8 (the film class is the following Saturday 11/9) This is all in the preliminary stages. What the deal is is that Bill (moms bf) is having surgery on 11/6, mom may or may not stay in the hospital with him while he recovers (may take as much as 2-3 days) Mom says she will however spend the night at his house while he recovers for a night or two. So while she is out we can have a LAN, hell I even asked her and she said it was all right to have one. So the date of the LAN party may change on a day to day basis. I will try and keep everybody posted. Please let greg and I know what dates are convenient for you guys, we may (probably not) know that the party could be available on certain dates.
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