Greg Santiago (gregoryjs) wrote in antiochians,
Greg Santiago

LANage Update

Okay the party is a go for my place any time after 6 or any time before that if you want, just let me know. We will most likely be having a BBQ (weather permitting) and we have a GameCube for those computer lacking folk. Also bring your own LAN cables because we only have a couple extra cables. We have an 8 port router, I'm not sure if that will fill up or not, so if one person wants to bring an extra hub just in case that will be cool. I think that's about it, the games that will be played at the LAN will most likely be the usual mix of Warcraft III, StarCraft and whatever other games that I can't think of right now. Hope to see you all there, if you have any questions call and/or IM me.
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