Greg Santiago (gregoryjs) wrote in antiochians,
Greg Santiago

This Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Okay everyone LANage is on at the Casa de Santiago this Sunday. We don't have a specific time of when it will start but once it starts count on it going all night if willing. I can't speak for Paul because he hasn't gotten his schedule for next week yet but I'll be getting off work at 2:45 that day so if anyone wants to come over as early as 3 I'm cool with that.

As for actual games I expect we'll have the usual SC, WC3, hopefully a little Action Quake II if it the hack version I have will be able to load up onto Windows 2k/XP. Also I think some sucide bombers and "can I have some shoes please" workers from C&C Generals should be played as well.

Hope to see you all there.
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