I am Paul (panther01) wrote in antiochians,
I am Paul

followin the trend

everyone seems to be posting about the weekend I might as well throw in my two cents too. First off it was great to meet Tom, if it wasn't for his calling Soda, Pop and his mispronunciation of Concord I would have believed he had lived in Antioch and had hung out with us for the last couple of years, everyone seems to have the same interests. 2nd off it was great to have a good lan party again we haven't had one of those in a while and probably will not have one for a while but who knows. Thank you goes to Joe for hosting the lan and best of luck with him moving to chico, may i suggest investing in a propane grill? Also a thank you needs to go out to both Jeffs, Bird for providing the tables, and also to munkey for spearheading the campaign to get tom out here, if it wasn't for his contributions in both time and $$$ this party would not have been as pleasant as it was. To sum it all up all you antiohians rock, it was cool meeting tom & I had a great time. ps justin you forgot something.
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