Greg Santiago (gregoryjs) wrote in antiochians,
Greg Santiago


I know we hardly use this journal anymore but I wanted to make a post here to get everyone's attention.

When I say everyone I really mean Jeff, Blake, and Paul since we 4 our the ones who were/are planning a trip to Las Vegas between March 5-7. The reason I am making this post is because of the were/are part of it. Whose actually going, can we afford it still, airline fare, who will drive, who won't drive, and detail like these need to be worked out.

So are we still planning to go? I've heard both Jeff and Paul say they've been reconsidering the whole trip. I know Paul has a candidate convention to go to in Sac that Friday. Also Jeff has said he can't afford airfare and I dunno if he wants to drive down there though.

If we were not to go would we just cancel the trip all together or reschedule it for another date. If we are to go the question of who is flying? Who is Driving? What cars we are taking? all must be answered. I say this now because whoever fly's would want to book their tickets at least 2 weeks in advance and that deadline is coming up soon.

I dunno if we all just wanna meet up sometime this week and talk about this, or if we can just leave comments here and talk over AIM about this. Regardless I would like to have our plans set in stone in one week.
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